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We assist individuals  through their full life cycle:

  • kiddie tax
  • college tuition funding plans
  • Home purchase and sales, job changes,
  • Business formations, investment support, RRSP , Tax-free saving account,
  • Retirement planning , estate planning

      1. Personal Tax Planning and Return Preparation


      Our services include preparing federal and province tax returns, tax projections,  estimated tax payment                 calculations, and extensive year round multi-year tax planning to minimize or defer income tax.

      2. Tax Planning for Business Owners

      Executives and owners of closely held companies face tax issues that generally more complex. They may                 involve stock options, deferred compensation, insurance, estate planning, non-resident returns. 


      Entrepreneurs must contend with corporate dividend policies, unreasonable compensation challenges from 

      Canada Revenue Agency, and business succession planning. We can assist by designing strategies to meet joint       objectives of the owners and the company.

      3.  Investment Support 

      With over 15 years trading experience in Toronto Stock Market and New York Stock Market, we work closely 

      with investment counsel to develop plans that meet the long-term goals of our clients. For a number of our 

      high net-worth clients, we summarize global investments in a manner that provides for quick review of asset 

      allocation and analysis of results. We have also conducted our clients' RRSP, Free-Saving Account based on 

      professional accountant perspective with personal financial statements and bookkeeping services in need.

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