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We assist companies through their full life cycle:

  • Initial formation, including the analysis reports  for each business formation--self-employee, partnership, Canadian controlled corporation
  • Business management and compliance for the specifically industry
  • Merger and acquisition to succession planning or dissolution, including all financial statements, taxation, and related accounts with CRA. 

       1.   Tax Planning and Return Preparation


       Our services include preparation, planning, and minimize or defer taxes as follows:

  • Annual taxation return
  • tax projections
  • Tax payment calculations
  • Tax planning to minimize or defer taxes

          We consider the use of tax credits as well as research and development, manufacturing investment credit 

          whenever applicable.


          We maintain various carry over and depreciation schedules for our business clients. 

        2.   Business Formation and Entity Choice

          We advise clients regarding the many issues surrounding business formation as following:

  • business identity with a multitude of governing authorities 
  • business plan
  • cash flow projections
  • bank negotiations
  • funding, including hedge fund for import and export business

       3.  Financial Statement Preparation

       We help clients using the statements to manage your business more effectively and profitability

  • compilation of a financial statements, information that is representation of management without undertaking procedures to express any assurance on the statement;
  • professional reconciliations and adjustments for management purposes. 

        4.  Management Advisory Services

        We service clients a wide variety of services, and cooperate with our professional relationship such as tax                 lawyer, banking, etc. 

  • On site controller or management teams
  • Cash flow projections
  • Budgets
  • Bank negotiations, including hedge fund
  • Accounting system design
  • Accounting  personal training and support
  • Lease verses buy decisions
  • Succession planning